Why colleges are realizing that ‘test optional’ is not an option.

by | Mar 30, 2024

Letter to Families to register for the February 21st, 2024 Webinar

YouTube video link is below

Dear Hamilton Families,

Join us for a webinar with Mr. Christopher Hamilton, Founder and CEO of Hamilton Education (and several other educational companies). 

Although we at Hamilton Education have been saying this for years, there’s now a growing consensus at “Ivy Plus” colleges that the SAT/ACT is not really “optional.” Dartmouth has announced that it is ending its “test-optional” policy, and will require the SAT/ACT for applicants.  MIT has made a similar announcement, and others are sure to follow.
Mr. Hamilton will be discussing how this shift will affect admissions strategies, why the UCs are still reluctant to leave behind their “test-blind” policy, and why it’s more important than ever that students take the new digital SAT and/or the ACT.  He will also discuss a few insider secrets about the SAT and ACT.
This event is complimentary, but registration is required.

Please feel free to submit any questions you would like Mr. Hamilton to answer by replying to this email.

We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday, February 21st at 6pm.

Mr. Hamilton and The Hamilton Team