Tutoring Programs

We offer in-person and online tutoring on a full spectrum of subjects. We only hire tutors with extensive teaching experience and a proven ability to help students make a meaningful connection to the material they are studying.

In-Person and Online Service

We hold in-person consultations and meetings, as well as video conferences over Zoom. Hamilton Education offers test prep classes and tutoring to support your students.  Our College Application service is to guide our families in the ever-changing college admission landscape. When crafting essays, google docs makes it easy to track our progress, save earlier drafts, make revisions between appointments, and leave frequent feedback. For local students, we can always convert any in-person appointment to a remote session if it is more convenient. We know that schedules can get busy, and you may need to chat about something that came up last minute.

As we continue to expand our online service offerings, we will be well situated to help students from anywhere in the world reach their goals when it comes to tutoring, test prep and college admissions.  Request a free consultation to get started.

Private One-on-one Tutoring

For students with particularly complicated or restricted schedules or for families who would prefer one-on-one attention, we also offer private tutoring.  We offer private tutoring in the Carmel Valley office and online, whichever fits your needs. 

Our tutors follow the same proven curriculum as our classes but allow for more customization of skill focus, timing, and location. In fact, our tutors have helped students across the country and even around the world improve their skills and prepare for exams.

ALEX Online Tutoring

We now provide students who are not located in San Diego the ability to tutor with our world-class team! Using Zoom or Skype, students can meet face-to-face with their tutor. Students and tutors can view and edit essays, review math problems, and annotate reading passages.

“Explaining problems and never making me feel “stupid”! I can always ask them any questions I may have and they let me focus on whatever I wanted!”

Summer H3 Online, 2020

“They are very knowledgeable in their subject and can help you with specific strategies to help yourself.”

Summer H3 Online, 2020

“Their step by step explanations were very helpful and they helped me understand what I need to study/practice more.”

Summer H3 Online, 2020

“They make it very engaging and make me understand why I got the question wrong. If I still don’t get it, then they make sure to explain it thoroughly.”

Summer H3 Online, 2020

“They explain things well and help guide the thought process to the answer.”

Summer H3 Online, 2020

“By looking at a question for a little time, the tutors were able to create thought-out explanations that were very helpful.”

Summer H3 Online, 2020