Our Test Prep Programs

A Range of Online & In-Person SAT/ACT Classes to Fit Every Student’s Goals

“Perhaps the best prep-testing program in the country”

In-Person and Online Service

We hold in-person consultations and meetings, as well as video conferences over Zoom. Hamilton Education offers test prep classes and tutoring to support your students.  Our College Application service is to guide our families in the ever-changing college admission landscape. When crafting essays, google docs makes it easy to track our progress, save earlier drafts, make revisions between appointments, and leave frequent feedback. For local students, we can always convert any in-person appointment to a remote session if it is more convenient. We know that schedules can get busy, and you may need to chat about something that came up last minute.

As we continue to expand our online service offerings, we will be well situated to help students from anywhere in the world reach their goals when it comes to tutoring, test prep and college admissions.  Request a free consultation to get started.

H3 Summer SAT/ACT/PSAT Program

We launched our H3 Summer Program in 2016, revolutionizing test prep by equipping students to take three tests–the SAT, ACT, and PSAT–in a single effort.

This course is best suited for students entering the 11th grade and prepares students for all three exams over an 8 week period in the summer. Multiple course options, schedules, and locations (including online!) are available in order to accommodate students’ different schedules, starting scores, and goals.

The majority of Hamilton Education’s perfect scores come from the H3 program. More information can be found by clicking the button below.

Fall Extension

The H3 Fall Extension is offered to both continuing Hamilton students PSAT and new incoming students wishing to reach their goal with targeted guidance from expert teachers. Since the new SAT and the ACT are so similar, we strongly advise that most students consider taking both exams, thereby doubling their chances of a great score. The majority of the 200+ students who earned a perfect “36” ACT score had to be “nudged” into taking the ACT – they are now very glad they did!

SAT/ACT Target Classes

We created the SAT/ACT Target classes for students who prefer to study during the school year or are especially interested in only one test or test date.

Our Target classes are designed for 10th-12th grade students hoping to “target” a specific test. These classes are offered throughout the Spring and Fall, meeting for 6 weeks on Saturdays and consisting of full test review and skills-based instruction.  We offer classes in-person at the Carmel Valley office, as well as, online. 

AP Prep Classes

AP exams cover an entire year of material. Preparing for them is always a challenge. And it’s been even tougher this year, with the pandemic disrupting our classrooms and making it harder to learn.

We’re here to help — with our AP Prep courses. These combine our subject-specific expertise with our proven test-prep strategies. We don’t try to cover every single detail. We just focus on the skills and concepts that you really need to know, expertly explained by our world-class teachers. Our small, seminar-style classes offer plenty of opportunity for questions and discussion. And we offer lots of help and practice on the most difficult components of the test – like the dreaded FRQs.

“The tutors are very good at teaching and explaining the materials. My kid improved 200 in SAT score and 5 in ACT score. I highly recommend it!”

Summer H3 Online, 2020

“The SAT/ACT H30 Boot Camp was the best investment we made to help our daughter get ready for her upcoming SAT. The results speak for themselves, she improved her score by over 30% in just 8 weeks.”

Summer H3 Online, 2020

“I can’t believe the amount of improvement I saw in my test scores! It was perhaps one of the most enlightening programs I’ve ever been a part of.”

Summer H3 Online, 2020

I learned a lot this summer, not only for the SAT and ACT but also for general educational topics as well. 

Summer H3 Online, 2020

“I can definitely say that I really got more motivated to study and see my results when I put the hard work in versus when I don’t and I was really proud of myself by the end that I could really improve when I put my mind to it. I really enjoyed the teacher’s love and dedication to what they do!”

Summer H3 Online, 2020

“Thank you for the gift of your service! You have a fantastic program!”

Summer H3 Online, 2020