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The Hamilton Way

Getting into a top college has become extremely competitive over the last several decades. Many top colleges admit less than 10% of all applicants. And in this competition, some wealthy students have a number of built-in advantages. Not only can they afford to attend the best schools, but they inherit soft-skills, legacy status, and professional connections from their parents. The overall impact of these factors comes across pretty clearly in the statistics. At Harvard University, 30% of new admits are legacy admits.

We serve students who are passionate about their interests, curious about the world, and eager to leave a mark on it. Many of them are seeking to attend highly selective colleges and universities. To that end, we provide a range of services. We provide college counseling. We assist students with their applications. We teach enrichment courses, and we teach classes designed to prepare students for standardized tests: the SAT, ACT, and PSAT.

Skills, Not Tricks

We teach real skills with real content. How to read a difficult piece of writing. How to write a coherent essay. How to think through the most complex math problems.

Custom Fit Programs

All of our students come in with different schedules, different learning styles, and different needs. That’s why we offer a range of different courses and levels.

The Best Teachers

All of our teachers have undergraduate or graduate degrees in the specific fields that they teach. They all have years (and often decades) of teaching experience.

We Are Passionate

We will do anything we can to help you meet your goals. If you need something that you’re not getting, talk to us – we will make every effort to make it happen.

Innovative Teaching

We’re always thinking of new and better ways to teach. That’s why we developed the H3 model of test prep, which prepares our students for three tests all at once.

We Have Fun

We engage our students with exciting and collaborative lessons that are both challenging and fun to keep their minds stimulated and happy.

We get Results!

We have helped more students achieve a perfect score on the SAT or ACT than any other educational company.

Meet the Team

Our leaders happily meet with every prospective student and family to discuss their student’s goals and learning style.

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions. We have answers. Take a look at the most asked questions we answer to see if Hamilton is the right fit for you and your student.

Careers At Hamilton

Make a real and fulfilling difference by helping students learn and grow in a crucial part of their lives.