Roman Savedra

by | Jun 25, 2018

Roman Savedra, Physics Tutor

I am excited to tutor physics and mathematics here at Hamilton! I’ve been tutoring/teaching math since I was in high school, often helping students in a higher grade than I to grasp moderately difficult math topics. I’ve been tutoring physics since I started going to college about 4 years ago, where I realized physics was the field for me.  I am currently enrolled in college, and hope to obtain my first degree within the next month, where I will then be transferring to SDSU to obtain a BS and a teaching credential. I’ve completed all three top calculus courses in the mathematics sequence and I’m currently in the process of completing the third and final physics course of the physics sequence as well.  I received a 720 on the SAT Physics subject test, a 770 on the SAT Math subject test, and 5s on both the AP Physics and AP Calculus tests back in 2013. I believe when it comes to tutoring/teaching students, making them feel comfortable within the learning environment is #1, followed by a clear display of content with the subject that’s being taught. I firmly believe in creating an active, enjoyable, lighthearted learning environment, where a student feels safe and confident while learning.