KUSI News Feature – Strategies for College Admission

by | May 24, 2019

Mr. Hamilton, CEO & Founder of Hamilton Education, recently gave an interview on KUSI News. Check out the full text of the article below, or watch the full interview HERE.

“SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – College admission and SAT/ACT test prep company, San Diego’s Hamilton Education, highlighted some of the strategies for college admission in light of the recent scandals.

According to Chris Hamilton ” what’s most scandalous about the scandal is that there are already so many special paths into selective private colleges for the wealthy and privileged, paths that already look a lot like cheating. But these parents wanted an easier, more certain path than donations to the university. These parents essentially cheated at cheating.”

Hamilton Education said they produce results by turning nearly every aspect of traditional test-prep on its head. Hamilton Summer Test Prep Courses begins June 17 through August 10.

“We achieve these results by turning nearly every aspect of traditional test-prep on its head. Instead of teaching short-term tricks and strategies, we teach real skills. Instead of part-time college kids as instructors, we’ve built a team of full-time teachers with years of experience (most have graduate degrees and years of college teaching. Instead of signing up students over the Internet or phone, we meet with every prospective student (with parents) to find the right class and right fit. In essence, that’s the secret of our success: we build a custom-fit approach for each student. That, and one other thing—we make learning fun,” said Hamilton.

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