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by | Jul 3, 2016


H3 Classes – The Power of Three

H3Our new H3 classes will allow students to simultaneously master the skills necessary to succeed on the SAT, ACT, and PSAT

In the past two decades, skills-based test-prep (as opposed to shortcuts or gimmicks) has focused almost exclusively on the SAT .  And for good reason—its emphasis on vocabulary meant that students could greatly improve scores by learning words.

But in 2016, the SAT is changing.  The new SAT will look…a lot like the ACT.   There will be four answer choices (instead of five) and no guessing penalty-like the ACT.  There will be more science and graphs-like the ACT.  And there will be very little vocabulary—like the ACT.
Because the new SAT is now approximately 95% concordant with the ACT, at Hamilton College Consulting we believe the smartest path for most students is to exploit the similarities
between the two exams.  That is why we have created summer classes that prepare students for three exams-SAT, ACT, and PSAT-in a single effort.
Our new H3 classes will allow students to master the skills necessary to succeed on the SAT, ACT, and PSAT, and will prepare students top-to-bottom for the September ACT, the October SAT, and the mid-October PSAT-all within the same time-frame as traditional SAT prep.

Our new H3 classes are designed to give students the best opportunity to earn scores consistent with Ivy and top-UC admissions.  Our classes focus on the real skills that undergird these exams—careful, attentive reading, thoughtful, creative math skills, and insightful writing and solid grammar skills.  Our faculty, most of whom have graduate degrees and extensive college teaching experience, are uniquely qualified to implement this skills-based approach.  Our goal with H3 classes is not only to generate great scores, but also to develop the skills in reading, writing, rhetoric, and math that will complement the Common Core and AP-level classes.

Early registration discounts (5% cash/check, 3% credit card) apply before March 15th. Additional discounts available to concurrently enrolled siblings, and children of military, firefighters and police officers. Non-refundable enrollment fee ($50) applies to all new Hamilton families.
We invite you to email or call us (858) 436-7220 to schedule an intake interview to learn about this new program, and to let us learn about your student and his or her goals.