Classes Overview

by | Jul 3, 2016




Classes at HCC

HCC offers great programming throughout the year tailored to the student calendar, test dates, and college admissions.
  • H3 Summer SAT/ACT/PSAT prep

An 8-week intensive summer program- classes meet five days a week, and devote equal attention to Critical Reading, Math, and Writing. Students receive daily quizzes and instruction, providing a structured environment that is often the best fit for students who want to make significant improvements over the summer. Learn more.

  • Summer PSAT/NMQST Classes

For incoming 8th, 9th, or 10th graders, this class focuses on the core skills encompassed by the new 2016 SAT and new 2015 PSAT, including less emphasis on vocabulary and more emphasis on rhetoric and argumentation. Using classic and contemporary works of literature as well as PSAT and SAT curriculum, this class seeks to engage students in the reading and writing skills that will be crucial not only to the newly-designed SAT and PSAT, but to advanced classes in language and literature encountered in high school and college. Learn more.

  • Spring TARGET – SAT & ACT Courses

These 6-week programs are an ideal fit for students who are planning to take the April ACT, or June SAT. They feature an innovative 4-period class schedule, designed with more one-on-one reading and writing practice and personalized feedback in mind. Saturday class meetings are supplemented by optional subject-specific office hour meetings on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. In the Spring of 2016, this course will be taught by HCC core faculty members and curriculum developers, including Mr. Hamilton, Dr. Mark Pangilinan, Dr. Annalee Edmondson, and Mr. Jim Han. Learn more.

  • Spring FUSION – AP and SUBJECT TEST Classes

HCC’s Fusion classes combine preparation for AP exams in May with the corresponding Subject Tests in June. Students will spend the first 5 weeks reviewing core skills and concepts, with special focus on the AP exams. The final 5 weeks will involve weekly practice tests and focused review specific to the one-hour, multiple-choice Subject Tests. Learn more.

  • Fall Extension Masterclass

A 6-week program offered to both Summer Bootcamp students and incoming HCC students wishing to reach their goal with targeted guidance from expert teachers, Fall Extension links Summer Boot Camp classes with the October SAT. Students take a practice test during the week and have the option to attend class Friday afternoon, or either of two sessions on Saturday. All students enrolled in this program are attempting to reach great SAT scores and admission to selective colleges. 

  • Winter Intensive

For students who are targeting the January SAT or managing a heavy academic or sports schedule during the fall semester, Winter Intensive offers a highly focused opportunity to prepare for the test and improve scores during the winter break. Students enrolled will take classes under the personal direction of SAT expert teacher, Mr. Hamilton as well as HCC math and writing experts.