Bill Howe

by | Jun 7, 2018

Bill earned degrees in English at Northwestern University (B.A.) and the University of Massachusetts (M.A.), a degree in Sociology at Stanford University (M.A.), and degrees in Educational Administration at Harvard University (Ed.M.) and Stanford (Ph.D.). He began his career in secondary schools in Switzerland and California as an English teacher and College Counselor but has been a professor of multidisciplinary Leadership Studies and a Dean in universities more recently. He was one of the founding faculty members of the world’s first school of Leadership Studies, the Jepson School at the University of Richmond, and later served in leadership development programs at graduate and undergraduate levels at the University of San Diego, National University, and UCSD. He has published and presented widely on leadership and leadership education. A strong advocate for the development of the “whole person,” Bill enjoys working out at the gym, reading in the areas of philosophy and moral development, and plugging away on a novel about the meaning of life.