2018 Summer Classes at HCC

by | Jun 13, 2018

We’d like to share a few pieces of news regarding 2018 summer classes and 2018 college acceptances.

First, although our 1600/36 Boot Camp classes are fully enrolled at all three locations-Carmel Valley, Del Norte, and CCA-we still have spaces available in the other sections of Boot Camp. Because our core teachers teach across all levels, you can expect the same engaging classroom environment and expert instruction no matter which Boot Camp class your student attends.

I’m happy to report that, because we are hosting them at three different sites this summer, there are still spaces available in the 1600/36 Goal classes at all locations. These are the classes in which I spend the most time personally teaching and the classes that have produced the most perfect scores over the past three years.

Next, we are also excited to share that our summer enrichment classes for 5/6th, 7/8th, and 9/10th graders will be led by some of our most experienced teachers who have extensive teaching experience and degrees from universities like UCLA, UCSD, Williams, and Oxford!

Because the new SAT is much more focused on reading and now includes a great deal of challenging writing from earlier centuries-our 9/10 PSAT classes are a great way to build a bridge to this new exam. 9th and 10th graders will spend approximately 50% of their summer working on elements related to the SAT and ACT and 50% on concepts related to the kinds of reading, writing, and rhetoric skills that appear in future AP English Language courses.

Finally, we would like to congratulate this year’s HCC students for their college acceptances. More than 50% of the Harvard EA acceptances in San Diego were from HCC students. We had more than 200+ acceptances to the U.C.s this year (many students earned more than one acceptance), and our students collectively earned more than $5 million in scholarships this year!

Many of our luckiest students, choosing between multiple Ivies or great UC acceptances, began their journey with PSAT scores below 1000. There are many paths to a great college-but nearly all of those paths begin with strong skills in reading, writing, and mathematics.


Chris Hamilton