Student Staff

by | Apr 21, 2016


Christopher Su, UCSD

Christopher Su graduated from Westview High School in 2014 and is currently pursuing degrees in Linguistics
and Management Science at UCSD. In his spare time he enjoys Hip Hop dancing, painting, and photography. He
plans to apply for law school after graduating UCSD.

Karen Ni, Westview High School

Karen is a member of the HCC Student Marketing team, Marketing Assistant – Photographer. When not taking
pictures of fellow students and HCC folks, she is interested in the art of the latte.

Monika Lee, Scripps College

Monika is majoring in American Studies at Scripps. She frequently marathons shows on Netflix when she’s not
busy reading Foucault.

Michael Zhang, UCLA

Michael is a first year at UCLA, pursuing a degree in Computer Science and Engineering. He is involved in
the the production and design of the Daily Bruin, UCLA’s student newspaper, and also enjoys giving back to the
campus community. In his free time, he enjoys running, (attempting to) cook and napping.