Shahria Hossain

by | Oct 10, 2017

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Shahria moved to San Diego in 2012 to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacological Chemistry at UC San Diego. As his passion for the sciences grew during his time at UCSD, he decided to pick up a second major in Human Biology. Having completed his dual degree in June 2017, Shahria currently works in the biotech industry as a Scientific Curator. His work involves the utilization of bioinformatics and reading through scientific literature etensively to create databases that aid in the advancement of cancer therapy using precision medicine. He hopes to keep learning and grow in his field until he discovers the formula for curing cancer. Shahria enjoys tutoring Chemistry and Biology because he believes that inspiration leads to discovery, and would like to be that type of inspiration. In his free time, Shahria enjoys rock-climbing, playing ping pong, and reading adventure novels. “