“Secret” Scholarships: What (Almost) No One Tells You About Merit Awards 

by | Jun 7, 2024

Great grades and scores don’t guarantee admission to the Ivies–but they can earn students as much as $350,000 in merit-based awards to other top-tier universities.

Letter to Families to register for the June 5th, 2024 Webinar

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Dear Hamilton families:

Middle-class families often fall into a “donut hole” regarding financial aid for college: they are too well-off for need-based aid but not rich enough to comfortably afford out-of-state or private college tuition. For many families, merit scholarships–financial aid rewarding excellence and leadership–fill this gap. 

In this thirty-minute webinar, Hamilt

on Education founder Christopher Hamilton will talk about how valuable this aid can be–and what factors can help your student earn one of these generous scholarships. 

Join Mr. Hamilton for an overview of merit aid strategies, followed by a Q & A. This event is complimentary, but registration is required.

Please feel free to submit any questions you would like Mr. Hamilton to answer by replying to this email.


Mr. Christopher Hamilton and The Hamilton Team