Pablo Garcia

by | Jun 9, 2019

I am Pablo Garcia. My journey in life has been very diverse and unique. A little bit about my upbringing, I grew up in the small neighborhood of Bonita, CA. Both of my parents are Latin American immigrants, and I have a younger brother. My hobbies include: having BBQs with my friends and family, playing sports (lacrosse, basketball, soccer, and football), and learning math. I enrolled at my local community college, Southwestern College, to pursue a career in firefighting/paramedic. My goal was to become a helpful citizen in my community. I focused on this career for a two and a half years. During this time I decided to take some math classes because it was the only subject in school that I enjoyed. I learned enough math that I eventually got recommended to work at tutoring center. I volunteered as a firefighter and even became a certified wild-land firefighter. I also volunteered as an EMT in an ambulance and in the ER. Even after all of that, nothing made me more satisfied than helping others learn mathematics.
I decided to change my career path and stayed in college for another year. I took the necessary classes I needed to transfer and pursue a degree in math. My new goal was to become a math educator. I was accepted into UCLA and received my degree in Applied Math. I then followed up by going to SDSU and received my Single Subject Teaching Credential in Math. I am now in the process of looking for a Math Teaching job at a High School in San Diego County. Once I get hired, my next goal will be to pursue a M.S. in Applied Math. One day, I would love to be mathematics lecturer at a local Community College