by | Jul 3, 2016

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What classes will Mr. Hamilton be teaching?

 A: Mr. Hamilton is overseeing the entire Summer SAT Program and is being highly selective with the faculty that will be accompanying him. He will be teaching the Critical Reading section of the 1600 | 36 Goal and Weekend Master Class; however, he may drop in for an occasional instruction for the Boot Camp class and can be available to students as needed.

Q: How many teachers do you have?

 A: Mr. Hamilton has hired dozens of teachers over the course of many years for a variety of test prep courses. We currently have experienced and qualified teachers for the Summer SAT. You can access the biographies of each of our teachers here.

Q: We are missing a week of summer. Will my student fall behind? 

 A: We have many ways to assist students that will be missing part of the class. We can have students attend the Weekend Master Class on Saturdays from 9:00am – 3:00pm which reviews all the information addressed during the previous week. We can also provide any materials distributed in the classes they will miss and offer make up tests if they miss the practice test. Finally, we will have tutors available to students if they need extra guidance to make up for the test.

Q: Is there a difference between the two locations for the Summer SAT Program?

 A: No, there is absolutely no difference in the quality of teachers or curriculum between the two locations. All the classes at both locations will be working with the same curriculum. Also, Mr. Hamilton is highly selective with the teachers he chooses so there will be no difference in the quality of teachers between the Carmel Valley and Rancho Bernardo locations. We will have some teachers teach at both locations as well.

Q: Does the tuition cover the cost of materials?

 A: Yes, the Summer SAT tuition includes practice tests, worksheets, binders, etc.

Q: How does the Fall Extension work? When do they meet/ when does it start?

 A: The 2016 Summer session begins June 20th and ends August 13th. For the Fall Extension program, students can either take the practice test in our office after school during the week or they can take the practice test at home. The class will meet either Friday afternoon from 4:00-8:30pm or Saturday morning from 8:30am-1:00pm or Saturday afternoon from 1:30-6:00pm. The fall session will resume on Saturday, August 27th and end Saturday, October 8th. There will also be a review session offered during the week of September 28th.

Q: Do you have ACT prep classes?

 A: We currently offer several ACT prep classes. Our Spring Target ACT classes are an a la carte option for students preparing specifically for the ACT. Our Summer H3 program prepares students for the SAT, ACT and PSAT.

Q: How does HCC’s tutoring services work?

 A: We have qualified tutors that can work with students one-on-one to help achieve SAT or ACT prep goals as well as assist in preparing for school tests. The tutoring rate is $75/ hour or 5 one-hour sessions or more for $60/hour. Tutoring will take place at the Hamilton College Consulting office.