9th and 10th Grades

by | Apr 20, 2016

Frosh/Soph Counseling Program

At HCC, college preparation begins early, but not in the traditional sense. HCC offers an annual college lecture free
to the community, held this year at the Garfield Theatre in UTC. At this event, Mr. Hamilton shares important advice for students and
parents interested in highly selective colleges. We encourage families to attend this event with their students. Additional
educational lectures are upcoming; please watch the HCC calendar at the bottom of this site for announcements. For individualized
counseling, as of January 1, 2015, HCC will open Frosh/Soph Guidance services to students in the 9th and 10th grades. This program is
a year-long commitment with pre-scheduled check-ins and meetings designed to identify student strengths and weaknesses, and address both
with early support. For students in need of academic support, HCC offers one-on-one tutoring with teachers who are subject
experts. For students who are excelling, we also have years of experience with guiding students pursue their passions – whether it is
founding a club, participating in a robotics championship, or finding their way into an internship at a prestigious research
institution. We are here to support and coach students as they grow and develop their unique interests and passions.

Classes and Counseling

In Summer 2014, HCC offered a Master Class for a limited number of rising freshmen and sophomores modeled on a college
lecture class. Students were selected for their interest in participating and their desire to improve their reading comprehension, writing
and group discussion skills. Students read over 1200 pages of significant literature and nonfiction over four weeks, including texts such
as Isaacson’s Steve Jobs, Orwell’s 1984, and others. Additionally, students were assigned to teams and to read key texts,
then prepared and presented a written group report. The class was regularly quizzed on concepts from the selected reading and
vocabulary culled from both the class material and the HCC vocabulary database. The Junior Master class will be offered again for Summer
2015. Application and approval by Mr. Hamilton are required for participation.

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