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    Why enroll in Private One-on-one Tutoring?

    Hamilton tutoring targets the SAT and ACT with customized approaches to fit any student’s goals. Our skills-based instruction highlights students’ strengths and weaknesses through a robust set of tests and curriculum. Customized tracks and flexible schedules allow students to receive individualized attention whenever is most convenient. Whether you’re studying for one test or all three, we have a tutor to fit your needs!


    Real Results

    Because of this unique approach, 158 Hamilton students have earned perfect SAT or ACT scores in the past few years, including 35 perfect ACT scores in 2019. A perfect ACT is obtained by only one-tenth of 1% of test-takers across the country. More than 250 Hamilton students scored in the top 1% on either the SAT or ACT, and the vast majority of summer students made significant gains, taking a vital step toward admission to the college of their choice. No other company – in the nation or in the world – has achieved anything like these results in the last year.

    Schedule & Structure

    At Hamilton Education we believe that being flexible to fit our students’ schedules and learning styles makes us one of the best tutoring services in Southern California. That’s why we’ve created tutoring bundles that give our students more hours at a better rate ranging a time span of 6 to 16 weeks at 2 to 4 hours a week. If bundles don’t work for you, we also offer tutoring at an hourly rate and work around your schedule. 

    We are excited to announce the launch of our new tutoring program, Tutoring Tracks, effective June 1, 2024. Our students’ lives, especially in the summer, are busier than ever! This program has been carefully designed to cater to various learning styles and flexible schedules, offering three distinct tracks for enhanced academic support.  Find our latest bundles and rates in our flyer below.

    “Explaining problems and never making me feel “stupid”! I can always ask them any questions I may have and they let me focus on whatever I wanted!”
    Private Tutoring Online, 2020
    “They were also really engaging and it was easy to follow what they were saying as they were going through any questions I had. The tutoring sessions were also really engaging because I felt like I could tell the tutors what I wanted to work on.”
    Private Tutoring Online, 2020
    “They are very knowledgeable in their subject and can help you with specific strategies to help yourself.”
    Private Tutoring Online, 2020

    “They explain things well and help guide the thought process to the answer.”

    Private Tutoring Online, 2020
    “By looking at a question for a little time, the tutors were able to create thought-out explanations that were very helpful. The tutors were also great at creating conversation that made the time more enjoyable.”
    Private Tutoring Online, 2020
    “Their step by step explanations were very helpful and they helped me understand what I need to study/practice more.”
    Private Tutoring Online, 2020

    It All Starts with a Consultation

    Because classes at Hamilton are not “one-size-fits-all,” we request that students and families interested in our courses or services schedule a complimentary 45-minute initial counseling session. There is no charge for this session, and absolutely no pressure to sign up for classes or services.

    The initial counseling appointment lets us meet students and learn about their individual academic lives and learning styles. It also helps all of us – students, parents, and Hamilton Education – begin long-term planning to help students reach their goals.