Fusion AP Exam/ SAT Subject Test Classes

Why enroll in Fusion classes?

The AP exams and SAT Subject Tests cover much of the same material, which is why we recommend students take the SAT Subject Test the same teat as the corresponding AP class. Hamilton’s Fusion classes “fuse” together preparation for AP exams in May and SAT subject tests in June.

In addition to increasing grade point average, standing out on college applications, and gaining college credit, AP courses can also help give you an edge in a different way – through their similarity to the SAT Subject Tests.

Subject tests are 1-hour, multiple-choice tests issued through The College Board and are offered in a variety of subjects, many of which overlap with APs. Although many colleges don’t require subject tests, most top-tier, ivy-level schools highly recommend that students submit up to three subject test scores to strengthen their profile by showing mastery in specific subjects. For students applying to engineering and computer science majors, Math Level II is often a requirement.

Schedule & Class Structure

Students will review core skills and concepts with a special focus on the AP content leading up to the exams in May. Then, students will take weekly practice tests and have focused review specific to the one-hour, multiple-choice SAT subject tests.

Throughout the classes, students will complete practice tests, review major concepts, develop strategies for essays and free response questions, and receive personalized feedback on their progress. All Fusion classes are taught by experienced teachers who are experts in their fields.

We are always adding new classes to our lineup of Fusion offerings, but these are some of our most recent classes. For those subjects that we don’t offer a class for, we suggest our tutoring service.

  • Chemistry
  • US History
  • Physics 1
  • Physics 2
  • Physics C
  • Biology
  • Math II
  • Calculus AB
  • Calculus BC
  • Language and Composition

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we hold all of our consultations, classes and tutoring sessions online via Zoom. Thereby, we are able to provide assistance to students wherever they may be.

Instructors & Approach

Classes are taught by experienced instructors, many of whom not only have graduate degrees but also have extensive experience in teaching at the college level, making them uniquely qualified to implement our skills-based approach. Students leave our classrooms enriched not with tricks or shortcuts, but instead with better reading, writing, and math skills, contributing to better overall academic performance and engagement.


We offer in-person classes at multiple sites across San Diego-Canyon Crest Academy, Del Norte High School, our Carmel Valley Office, and our 4S Ranch Office. The same program is also available online for students who are not local, unable to make class, or simply prefer online learning.

It All Starts with a Consultation

Because classes at Hamilton are not “one-size-fits-all,” we request that students and families interested in our courses or services schedule a complimentary 45-minute initial counseling session. There is no charge for this session, and absolutely no pressure to sign up for classes or services.

The initial counseling appointment lets us meet students and learn about their individual academic lives and learning styles. It also helps all of us – students, parents, and Hamilton Education – begin long-term planning to help students reach their goals. 

Exceed your student’s educational needs and goals.

Need more information or want to talk to someone? Give us a call at (858) 436-7220 or fill out the form below and we will reach out to you!