Essay Writing Bridge

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    Why enroll in the Essay Writing Bridge class?

    At Hamilton Education, we believe that a solid foundation of writing and mathematical skills are vital to success, not only in school but in life more generally. We even take a skills-based approach to our test prep programs. Hamilton Bridge classes–designed primarily for high school students–are smaller, more focused seminars that provide expert instruction, plenty of practice, and clear, personalized feedback on key skills and subjects.

    Schedule & Class Structure

    Classes are offered online during the fall and spring. Each class meets twice a week for one hour. Classes go beyond just lecture–students participate, practice, and ask questions. In-class activities take advantage of the online format to reinforce concepts in engaging ways.

    This class guides students through the process of composing a sophisticated, well-researched, and well-expressed essay from beginning to end. Concepts covered include brainstorming, research methods, organizational strategies, thesis statements, transitions, writing with clarity, word choice, and styles of argumentation.

    It All Starts with a Consultation

    Because classes at Hamilton are not “one-size-fits-all,” we request that students and families interested in our courses or services schedule a complimentary 45-minute initial counseling session. There is no charge for this session, and absolutely no pressure to sign up for classes or services.

    The initial counseling appointment lets us meet students and learn about their individual academic lives and learning styles. It also helps all of us – students, parents, and Hamilton Education – begin long-term planning to help students reach their goals.