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    “Perhaps the best test-prep program in the country”

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    Private one-on-one sessions
    We believe that every student should get the help they need without getting lost in the shuffle. That’s why we provide one-on-one sessions for each student.
    Flexible schedules
    Everyone has different schedules and finding a time that works for your student can be difficult. We schedule our tutoring sessions around your schedules, not ours.
    Skills-based instruction
    All Hamilton Education instruction is skills-based, highlighting students’ strengths and weaknesses to help them focus on what they need to improve upon.

    Join hundreds of successful students with our online tutoring.

    Since our tutors are not a “one-size-fits-all”, we request that students and families interested in online tutoring schedule a free 45-minute consultation.

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    We’ll find the best solutions to help your child succeed in a free 45-minute consultation.
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    You will then receive a customized learning plan based on your child’s learning style.

    Achieve great results
    See remarkable improvements in comprehension and become a more confident student.

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    A wide range of subjects

    In Mathematics
    – Algebra 1 – Geometry – Algebra 2/Trigonometry – Pre-Calculus – Calculus
    In Science
    – Biology – Chemistry – Physics – Environmental Science – Astronomy
    In English
    – American Literature – Contemporary Literature – Creative Writing – Literary Analysis – Humanities
    In Social Studies
    – Global Studies – US History – US Government – Economics

    In AP Courses

    – English Language & Composition – World History – Calculus AB & BC – Biology – Chemistry – Environmental Science
    And More…
    If you don’t see what you are looking for, be sure to ask in the FREE consultation.
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    We are seeing stars

    We have helped thousands of students around the world achieve significant point improvements on the SAT, ACT and help them attend their dream colleges.

    “Explaining problems and never making me feel “stupid”! I can always ask them any questions I may have and they let me focus on whatever I wanted!”
    Private Tutoring Online, 2020
    “They were also really engaging and it was easy to follow what they were saying as they were going through any questions I had. The tutoring sessions were also really engaging because I felt like I could tell the tutors what I wanted to work on.”
    Private Tutoring Online, 2020
    “They are very knowledgeable in their subject and can help you with specific strategies to help yourself.”
    Private Tutoring Online, 2020

    “They explain things well and help guide the thought process to the answer.”

    Private Tutoring Online, 2020
    “By looking at a question for a little time, the tutors were able to create thought-out explanations that were very helpful. The tutors were also great at creating conversation that made the time more enjoyable.”
    Private Tutoring Online, 2020
    “Their step by step explanations were very helpful and they helped me understand what I need to study/practice more.”
    Private Tutoring Online, 2020

    Frequently asked questions

    How much does online tutoring cost?
    Online tutoring costs are updated on a seasonal basis. You can view our cost breakdown in detail by downloading the latest PDF for Online Tutoring.
    Is there a fee for consultations?
    There is no fee for the initial consultation appointment – this is merely a way for our counselors to get to know the student and answer any specific questions the student or family may have. Upon registration, there is a one-time non-refundable registration fee of $50 per household.
    How long are consultation meetings?
    Initial consultation meetings are typically 30-45 minutes long. Students should attend the meeting with a parent or guardian.
    Are consultations in-person?
    As of now, all in-person meetings and consultations have been moved to online via Zoom. We do realize that this might be an inconvenience for some but out of interest for you, your family, and our staff, we thank you for your understanding.
    Do I have to have a consultation/why are consultations necessary?
    Consultations allow us to get to know your student and recommend which of our programs would be best suited for them. It also gives you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about our company, our teachers, and our various classes.

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