The Hamilton Way

by | Apr 18, 2016

HCC offers highly ambitious students the best teaching and counseling services available. For Christopher Hamilton and the HCC team, education is not a business, it is a calling. Offering highly personalized counseling and inspiring teaching methods focused on building foundational skills, we endeavor to inspire more critical and innovative thinkers.

Mr. Christopher Hamilton is widely known for his ability to inspire students to achieve their very best. He has taught and counseled thousands of students in the San Diego area, across the United States, and now works with a limited number of international students. Highly regarded for the results his students achieve — he has worked with more than 60 students who have achieved perfect 2400 SAT scores and assisted hundreds of students with their applications to highly selective colleges, he is perhaps best known for his sense of humor and passion for teaching.

  • 60+ perfect SAT scores

  • Hundreds of SAT scores above 2300

  • Double digit acceptances to Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Caltech, MIT, UCs and more

HCC offers a limited number of specialized classes focusing on test preparation and extensive college admissions counseling beginning in freshman year (9th grade). Our goal is to help guide your student to find their passion and achieve their goals.